Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Last March 21-23,2014, our team, Operation Hope, a group composed of different people with one goal and that is to serve. We had our first and second wave last December and January. This March we went to Tacloban again for our 3rd wave to visit the beneficaries of our pangkabuhayan showcase (mini store business) and the families that we helped to build their house. I really don't want to exaggerate or give you a burden to you on what happened to the victims of Yolanda or what is their status now, my dear readers, but what I want you to feel as you read this post is that you may feel blessed with what we have in our lives today and may God touch you with some of the photos here.

Before coming to Tacloban for a 3 day mission trip and immersion, I really do not know what can I contribute to the people there. All I have with me is my 2 lovely puppets, myself and the hope that comes from my God. But doing mission is not just doing extravagant things such as doing this and that, it is about how you made them feel loved through your presence and through your lives. We can send all the goodies there from here in Manila, but there are things in life that we cannot send using any courier, and that is HOPE from GOD, LAUGHTERS, and YOURSELF.  

They need people who will listen to them, who are willing to just listen to them and make them feel loved, and who will give smiles and laughters to them even just for a day. They need GOD and that is what we can never send to them through any kinds of courier because it is within US. 

Some of you may disagree with me but I just want to share my reflection based on my experience. This mission trip was not just a simple mission trip for me. I thank God because He gave us so many chances to just listen to the different stories of the people there and to make relationships to the young people there.

There are volunteers who almost lived their lives there. I have two friends whose been working there for relief distribution and stress debriefing of children and parents there. As I listen to them, my heart just melted because they have been absorbing emotions and everything from the victims. As we pray for the victims, let us all include in our prayers the volunteers who are there. 

Our team will go back to Tacloban on the 3rd week of May for the assistance of the Cocoa Farming that we are praying for. You can be part of our team by joining us through your own presence or through your generosity. :) 

These are some photos taken 4 months after Yolanda. 

@ Caloogan

Our team with these precious children from Caloogan.
Tacloban Airport
Ships were found in the middle of a community and along the road.

Even good houses were damaged.

May God use these houses to be the light and salt to their community.

Our 3rd Wave Team.

Greater things are yet to come to the victims of the typhoon and I believe that God is not yet done working on them and to our lives!

God bless! :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


And because Lego Movie became a blast... here's a sneak peek of....ofcourse... LEGOLAND!
Legoland Malaysia is near in the boundary of Singapore and Malaysia. It is just like 2-3 hour ride from Singapore. 
My nephew enjoyed our Legoland experience because of the color and the activities there are most likely attracts kids.

You should really duper try this ride! It may looks like it is just a simple ride...but...just try it! To experience it, is to believe!

It was so really hot! Good thing at the end of our day here, we found this sleeping man made of Lego! How Cooolll us that?!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just Do It

Psalm 1:2-3
"But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers."

Delight in His Word. These verses are just mind blowing for me. By just delighting yourself to the law which is God's Word, we will be like tree planted by streams of water, fruit in season, leaf does not wither and a blessing to others. His promises are overflowing!

The promise of God is real and tangible. You just need to try it and test God. Can you just feel the love of God in these verses? Can anyone in this world can promise those things to you? No one. Jesus alone can do those things to you.

Your partner, parents, or friends may disappoint you despite of the efforts you are showing to them. But God is always ready to bless you and love you. Just delight in Him. 

Like sunrise and sunset scenes, same as God's love for us. It is always amazing and refreshing. Focus your eyes to Him and delight in His Word. And you will never go wrong. His light will always be upon us. 

See you again next time!

Hope you enjoyed!