Sunday, February 2, 2014

You and Him

The sun rises and the sun sets
The wind blows to the south and 
Turns to the north, and round and around.

Well I think that is just how life must be.
Thinking of you has always been my past time
Praying for you has always been my motto
But I never thought of thinking and praying for myself because I never realized the worth of the Author of life gave me.

My thoughts and dreams focuses on you
But I never thought and dreamt on being with the Maker.
Trying hard to be the one for you when I do not seek The One.

Forget being drenched and becoming the perfect Proverbs 31 for you because relying on Your light and to be like You should be my priority.

I will promise to focus on You and be faithful to You while waiting. My life is Yours and may Your will be done in my life.

-The Girl in the Fall

Personally, the meaning of this art for me is that, the girl stopped focusing on being the one and the right for other, instead, she fixed her eyes to the Lord, the Maker of everything.

She focused and gave efforts on being the good one when she can't even serve faithfully the One who made her and that is God. And she chose the right path.

What are your thoughts now? How is your seed of faith? Work on it girl! Work it! Just as how you work on your clothes, shoes, make ups and everything, Work on you faith! Work on it, even greater! And I am telling you, God will make you as beautiful as a precious stone. 

You and God is the best love team! Work it!

Thank you for reading. Hope to see you again! :) 

Fill your heart and minds with His thought, that is the best beauty secret you could ever have. :) 

Jesus loves you!