Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Light Up!

Matthew 5:14
"You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden."

When you see a torch bearer, their work seems so easy because they will just run and climb and light that something but do you know that it is not that easy? Because you need to run first that whole oval or whatever then climb up to that stairs before they light that big bowl or whatever. 

Like a torch bearer, we Christians are like that, when people look at us, they will think that our lives seems so happy and seems like we do not have problems in our lives. What they don't know is we also run in our trials and climb our problems until we reach that big bowl whatever. 

You know the amazing thing about being a torch bearer? The torch that they are carrying is what we see. The torch amazes us and makes us excited as we see it being carried by the bearer. It is the light that he/she holds and that light represents Our God. When a torch bearer runs, we notice the light and not the bearer but the light which is Our God.

I pray that in our everyday lives, people will see us as the light of this world as we carry the light of our lives, Our God Almighty. 

Let us be excited like an audience watching a torch bearer as he/she lights that big bowl whatever and be patient and faithful as we run the process of lighting that big bowl whatever.

*Forgive me with some of my terms like the "big bowl whatever"because I do not know what does it called. Please forgive me and just focus on the message. Lovelove! :)

*insert caption* (HAHAHA)
"The Light" :)

Hope you enjoyed!