Thursday, June 6, 2013

Found the Right One

Goodbye Vietnam! On our flight to Singapore, I opted to wear this cute sando loose top from Vietnam. I really love the color combination the top, red, black and yellow. It brings me the feeling of wearing a The Avenger top a Vietnam edition. HAHAHA. A big lol for my humor. Anyway, under my vietnam top is a dress then I just folded the top so it won't look too bulky. 

I am so inlove with my Solemate sandals, felt like I have found my soulmate! I bought it for only p349.75, and it so comfortable to wear because of the softness if this. This has been my travel buddy on our trip. I also have another pair by SoleMate of SM Department Store with the same price.

Go look for your own SoleMate pairs on SM Department stores!

Hope you enjoyed!

e x q u i s i t e.