Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Girl

Because it's Father's day, I dedicate this post to all the fathers in the world! This was my first ever attempt in writing and this post is very close to me because I do really so much intensely love my Papa :) Here it goes.

my first try in doing some notes, or blog?am i right?whatever. i just want to share my thoughts and practice my writing skills. (in demand masyado ang ganito kay dean.) so please MESSAGE or PM me if you see some grammar don’ts :))) i will accept it whooolleheartedly:))

Well, to start this note, talking about Father’s day this coming Sunday. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! “Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough”By Wilhelm BuschEvery boy will be a father someday, even my dearest cutee nephew Lance will become a father (but not now), but it is hard to be ONE. Sacrifices are soo in demand ☺. Just like my father, my loving Papa Boy. Since birth he’s been working abroad. Many occasions in our families he has been missed, but its ok, he never missed calling us in any of those occasions. ☺ I’m blessed having my Papa. Phone and Email is our way of communications. When they have signal, he always make sure to call us. I just L<3VE papa so much thank God for him.
 Our very own version of 'Dance with my Father' HAHA.Literally.

 To my first boyfriend, driver, bodyguard, lover, friend and ofcourse Papa, I love you so much! And I will be your "Bhi" FOREVER <3

Speaking of my papa, I also like to thank my FATHER. JESUS. ☺ He’s been my father while my papa is absent. I thank my papa that he introduced me to my FATHER, siguro kung hindi ko nakilala agad si Lord, ano kaya buhay ko ngayon? I really thank God that He took care of me na agad. Kasi kung hindi, siguro hindi ko kakayanin. God really knows what are the weaknesses of His children. ☺ Its time to thank our Papa this Sunday, sana nga hindi lang ngayon Sunday e but everyday. And of course, lets also thank GOD for giving our dearest Papas. I’m a Papa’s girl and I love it. I’m a Princess of God and I LOVE it.HAPPY FATHER's DAY sa mga MAHAL na tatay diyan! SALUDO AKO SAINYO! HEPHEP HURRAY! :))Gracias! 

Hope You Enjoyed!

Psalms 103:13