Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Love

What I love about weddings, is that it makes me believe that fairytales do come true. I always feel happy whenever I got invitation to weddings because it seems like I'll be witnessing an ending of a story in some disney fairytales!hihi. 

Isn't it true that in fairytales, the ending is always like the girl meets her prince charming and they get marry? Likewise, in marriage, after all the trials, they always live happily ever after. :')

My dearest relatives. All the way from Mindanao, Singapore and Qatar. 

 And, my forever little boyfriend as the Bible bearer. Even though he was sleepy that time, yet he behaved and did his job excellently.

The venue. Estellitas Glass Dome located near the NCBA Taytay Branch. They don't have website or what, or maybe I just don't know it but if you are from Rizal, this place is highly recommended.

 Teaching our uncles and aunties how to do the wacky pose. :)

After months of dieting and everything, here's the outcome. I do not know if there are changes or what but what I am proud of myself because I am now a meatless girl.HAHA. No more pork and beef. I learned how to eat vegetables and viands that have no seasoning or what so ever. 
I already reached my ideal weight, 110lbs, and I am done with it. :) No more dieting for me now. yey! :)

(don't the mind the guy on pink behind,he's my brother-in-law,the father of the cutie boy I always mention)

Gown design from Jana Burgos
Made by our loyal sewer, Kuya Roel :)



Everyone is invited!


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