Saturday, November 10, 2012


Last November 9, 2012, me and my sister together with her husband and son went to Eastwood to watch Wreck It Ralph. Our schedule was 8:30 and got there at around 7:45 so we looked for the a restaurant/food diner/fastfood near the cinema where we can buy our food for dinner, except for Taters and NYFD. We discovered this cute restaurant at the third floor of Eastwood, the old one, and tried this one out. 

All I can say it, TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT. Kebabers :)

My personal choice. Cheese Kebab Meal, you can choose whether beef, chicken and fish and because I don't eat pork and beef, I chose their fish and chicken. My favorite was their Fish Cheese Kebab Meal, very cheesy and juicy. I love everything about it!

You can visit their website for more details, Kebabers FTW!