Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Do

Can I sing You a song 
Can I pour out my heart 
To say Your love is healing me 
Just a glimpse of Your grace 
And my whole world is changed 
Forever and completely I’m in love with You 
I’m in love with You I’m in love with You I’m in love with 
You Redeemed, made whole 
By the love that You have poured out over my soul 
Restored, I am made new Father You only You.

I just want to share to you this song of Kari Jobe "I'm Inlove with You" I really love song because it  really melts my heart whenever I hear this on my playlist. I am really an emotional person so I easily burst into tears whenever hearing this song. Recently, I have been praying to God this certain concern  and this song really spoke to my heart and I believe that every one of us just like what the message of this song is saying God wants us to be INLOVE with Him deeply.

My mind and heart was once blur but I know that the Lord is changing my heart and mind glory by glory and when that perfect time comes, I will see the beauty of His grace and love. No eye has seen or ear has heard no mind can know what God has in stored for His children (1 Corinthians 2:9). 

To all the single ladies out there! Just a simple but sweet reminder for you, pray for a guy who is more in love with the Lord than anything else and also pray for yourself that you will also be more in love with the Lord than anything else! 

Challenge: Let the Lord be your confidant and everything! Be in love with Him everyday and be bounded by His love and grace.