Monday, September 9, 2013

Flower Power

Mark 6:50

In our lives there are so many things or events to be afraid of. Personally, I always worry about things, especially when Sunday is coming, I always think of what will I wear. There are so many things to be worried about like material things or anything! What do you fear? Financial? Loneliness? Family? Love life?

When we feel afraid and fear, remember this:

God is with you
Acknowledge Him and allow Him to conquer your fear
and be still. As you recognize the power of our God, step by step, as we take our challenges, it will fade away and we will realize that our strength is not our strength anymore. It is God's strength that is within us because He is with us.

Last Sunday, I opted to wear just plain white shirt and this flower power pants. I just noticed that I used to wear white plain shirts these days and I do not know why. I just love the feel that it makes me feel relax and simple.

Top from F&H and Pants from Coco Cabana