Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sidekicks Reloaded

Every summer we in our church gather kids from different places in Taytay and they come for 5 days and we teach them about Bible and let them enjoy to our activities and of course with foods. Our church, Taytay New Life Fellowship, have been doing this for 4 consecutive years, and for this year's Daily Vacation Bible School or DVBS theme, it is called Sidekick Reloaded.

The theme aims to teach the kids that as God's sidekick, we are given powers to defeat our enemies just like what Jesus did 2000 years ago where He paid our sins through the cross.

Personally, I would like to share to you how happy I am with this year's DVBS. We might not reach our target of 100 attendees this year but I am thankful for having 15 numbers of teachers which I really didn't expect.

In the past 4 years, looking for volunteers and teachers has always been the first thing to do whenever planning DVBS because we only have 3 regular teachers including me and it will be really hard for me if I will teach while accommodating every needs of the teachers and their assistants and those 2 teachers can't handle 80 energetic, active, hyper kids with themselves.
To make this short, this year I was given 15 teachers where in I really felt that they were all grown up comparing the way they handle kids and themselves from the past 3 years. Some of them were old teachers but they changed for good this year. It was like God really prepared them for a battle and God made them realized that teaching kids is very important.
I can now leave them with their materials, foods and kids. They were prepared with their lessons and also to their activities. They prepared games, coloring materials and everything. They have given their full efforts for the kids. Serving God includes your full effort, love, time and money. And I know these teachers who gave their all will be bless by God.
This year's DVBS, God equipped us. He may not given us large number of kids so we, ourselves, could reflect and prepare ourselve for next year's DVBS.

Thank you for including us in your prayers and support. I know that God has a bigger plan for us and also for the kids. 

See you next year for a more fun and exciting DVBS! 
To God be the Glory! 

photos from Zandy Palisoc. 

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