Saturday, July 21, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

Treated the kids at Manila Ocean Park with cousins and my mother. It was my first time to go to Ocean Park and I really enjoyed it! Manila Ocean Park is the best place for family and friends. The kids will surely enjoy their stay! And of course,for us also who are young at heart. :) So here are some pics of our adventure.

My mom with Lance, my nephew.

 My favorite part, the Jellies! When you get inside,seems like you are in a different world,promise! I really love the classical music and the ambiance combines. A must try! 

 And meet...uhmmm...oh my. I forgot her name! But she really is very active compare to the male sea lion. :
Good thing I have my scarf to protect me from the sun, because the Sea Lion show starts at 4pm in the afternoon, so what do you expect? Hello Mr. Sun! (please dont mind my arms, I know its big.hihi)

So let's talk about my outfit. I decided to wear pink pleated skirt from Landmark Trinoma and a white top from Mango and sandals from People are People. Landmark has all the clothes you want that has a cheap price. Fashionably cheap,right? So visit your nearest Landmark and shop til' you drop! 
Scarf by Sm accessories 

Just a friendly reminder from my two angels :)

I hope you enjoy! :)


Another Sunday came and decided to wear something feminine yet not so feminine, crazy right? HAHA. anyway, so decided to wear my comfy bandage skirt, btw, bandage skirt is a must have, why? because you can wear anything with it! just a simple loose top or fit or any. You can have bandage skirt from some tiangge that will just cost you 100 pesos! sweet deal! 

Paired it with a sheer polo with lace on details and speaking of the details, the buttons of this are love! 

So to make it a not so girly outfit, I wore my sister's G-schock watch to add some sporty touch. And, this is it! Hope you like it!

(skirt from tiangge, top from an online shop, shoes from The Little Things She Needs)

Godmother - ing

When I was a kid I really envy my sister because some children in our church call her "ninang" and I wanted also to be called "ninang". So years passed...I got one. My first godchild was the son of my tito,then next, next and next. So now I have 7 god children, 2 girls and 5 boys. :) And this coming July 22,2012 Sunday, I'll be attending 2 dedications! And I am so excited! :) 1 boy and 1 girl. Well for me becoming ninang to these kids is very important to me. Behind a "ninang" is being the second parent to these kids that's why it is always my honor to be a ninang. :) 
 Ryry. I really miss this girl :( so much.

Yanyan. :)

These two kulits. Kenzo and Lance. Kenzo is my churchmate's son and Lance is my nephew. :)

Kael :) son of closest friend at church :) 

Here are my closest. <3

So here's some of the pictures of my godchildren. :) Enjoy!