Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let the Prints Begin

For my typical Sunday morning, decided to wear my aztec skirt but as a top! Well, I can't wear this bodycon skirt because I still need to teach dancing steps to the children that morning and it would be uncomfortable to wear skirt. And because I am so excited to wear this item from Fashion Infinty , I tried it to wear as top, and here it is! :)

We all know that it is unpleasant to wear tube or tank top when going to church, that is why I wore my cropped cardigan to cover up some skins.

Prints on prints.Lovin' my watch's detail.

I look mad or irritated in this picture. HAHAHA. These are some candid shots including the photo before this :)

My sunnies' detail! Super love them.

Meet my new P.A. :) hihi. The most chatty person I've ever known! :)

Aztec skirt (worn as top) Fashion Infinty , Watch Swatch, Cropped Cardigan GAP,