Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Adrenalin rush. 

I woke up late that I have no time to think on what to wear, so I picked whatever I saw on my closet and TENEN! hihi...

I was really surprised of the outcome! :) Perfect color for the weather! 

I already wore this top and pants so I am not worried about on how will I look or what. I just added some accessories to add some flavor and paired it with my flats. 

Top by Forever21, pink glittered pant by Forever21, belt by H&M, cardigan by Gap, sunnies by Forever21, flats by HDY

happy rainy night

My family and I celebrated our parents anniversary at Old Vine Eastwood. Even though it was raining hard, still we left the house. 
And to make the story short, we got stranded. HAHA.
We've waited for an hour at UCC coffee still at Eastwood because we're thinking of checking-in or will go home and wait for the flood to subside.

My brother-in-law was contacting all of his friends and asking about the places that are flooded.
We decided to go home. HAHA and got stranded in Marikina, the flood was not that too high but my brother's car can't make it.HAHA so we stopped at this gasoline station and stayed for a while and then... 

we got home at around 2am or something, I was just so tired and sleepy that I didn't noticed the time.

Let's talk about my outfit.hihi. I just have so many stories to tell about this night. 

I just wore a pair of jeans, brown loose top and finished it with blazer. I really don't have enough time to dress because when I got home from school, mama was ready to go.She thought that they'll be just meeting me up at Eastwood. 

That's all.Thank you! :)

Blazer by Forever21, Top by Wild Stuffs, Wedge by Celine, Envelope bag by Secosana, Belt and Jeans by H&M, Ring from James :)

random things

Just a lazy afternoon at home. Grocery with mother, school stuff, and run. 

Mickey Mouse hoodie dress, perfect for a cozy weather!

Basketball game!

Every Monday my brother-in-law plays basketball at the Penthouse of the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall so he invited my cousins from Cebu to play with him plus (James and Tito Carl). 

And as a supporting cousin,niece,sister-in-law and a <3 (hihi), we watched their game and cheered for them! <3

To wrap this up, they won! :) hihi. Then we headed to Mcdo Karangalan to have some late dinner :)

that guy wearing a yellow jersey, he really scared me off! He was shouting and everything on the game but he looks funny. :) I really enjoyed watching him play! 

and because it was holiday, I thought of wearing my comfy statement dress.