Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Amused By Thy Love

November 1, 2012. Cousins' getaway!
Best way to forget halloween stories and everything about halloween is to amuse thyselves, is to go to amusement park like Enchanted Kingdom. (that intro sentence was supposed to be a joke or something.teehee)

We really had a great time, experience, laughters, hungers, love and everything. It was like a Valentine's day for me. Well, thanks to my cousins. I love them so much!

Different photos, different stories.

Enchanting fireworks display. 

Suuuuuuuuuupppppppeeeerr looooonnng table :) 

Myself, the guy with shades on my back and the lady on his back wearing black, they are my sister and brother. We have a common denominator in this photo, right? We're also laughing because of the same reason. Oooh, I just love them. :)

Space Shuttle!

My cutie little boyfie, Lance. 

This ride is the BEST! It will give you that 'doob doob' feeling while you are on  top and a speechless feeling when you get down. AMAZING! :) HAHA.

After dinner, we just had our doughnut for dessert at Nuvali that made the day more special and sweet. 

Photos courtesy of James Banaag, our official photgrapher. :)