Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Kissed 2012 Goodbye

This year 2012 was indescribable! God moves in so many different ways that even if I am not worthy of His grace and mercy still He made my 2012 a wonderful one.

God is so good that He gave us another year to live for Him. Well, that last prediction of end of the world was a big JOKE. No one knows when and where Jesus will come, it's the Father who knows all. 

To the people I had a chance to be with this year, thank you so much!

I hope our 2013 will be filled with love of God throughout this year. It is time to have a deeper relationship with and time to give back all the glory the He deserves.

I thank God for my last 2012. All those laughters and tears will always be a lesson and a memory that I will kiss goodbye.

Well, 2013 will always be good to us if we will just offer it to our God because He deserves all the praises and honor!

Praying for blessings and everything to you my dear reader. See you on my next blog posts! Thank you! :)

New ingredients. New perspectives. New E X Q U I S I T E.