Friday, July 13, 2012

LTS.I am a Student Leader

My fist time to attend Leadership Training Seminar or LTS. This event was so fun! This is where I met so many new friends! And this coming July 14-15 2012, SELAMS will be having again LTS! and I'm so excited! 

First day was the seminar or the formal part. We are required to wear corporate attire. I wasn't prepared that year but I assure my last LTS will be unforgettable! My outfit's ready and I really prepared for it! haha. (A for AYFFORT!)

2nd day was the team building where we were grouped per position. 
Games and some talk were done.
Really learned a lot from the games and the speaker.This helped me to become a more effective leader at school and outside of the school. I will surely treasure this seminar.

I am so very excited for the next LTS, and this time I'm part of the committee. Hope this last LTS of mine will be memorable!