Saturday, June 1, 2013


While I was updating my Facebook account, I saw this on my note. My second attempt to write!I'll show the first one one of this days.So, here it goes.

Presenting Coffee Bean's new yogurt dessert :))

Last June 20 after having our dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (sponsored by Kuya :)) we have decided to have our coffee at Coffee Bean. I really wanted an ice cream but they insist in having coffee, no choice. :)) Kuya told us that Coffee Bean has its new Yogurt dessert. I'm not a big fan of Red Mango or any Yogurt ice creams so I don't found Kuya's suggestion. I ordered for a Pure Chocolate Ice Blended and Kuya ordered for an Almond Yogurt ( am i right). Basta the flavor of his Yogurt was almond. When he had his first spoon :)) he said it tastes like Ferrero so I had one, and it was SOOOO GOOOOD! PROMISE! and for that, i have my new favorite. :))

tama nga sabi nila. " hindi mo matitikman ang bigay kung hindi ka magtatry ng iba, baka mastock ka lng dun."

soo right.

*God is SO WILLING to give us something new, but we human are so selfish that we are just focus on what we want. If we just all know that GOD has something for us that is more than what we have and what we expect. Just give it all. Just Do it :)))

Good thing I've tried that yogurt almond, or else I will be forever stock in Pure Chocolate Ice Blended. :))

And now, I am craving for one! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Jeremiah 29:11