Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hello to my first post for 2014! I have so many pending blogs and all of them are not done. Anyway, I just thought of sharing this reflection to you especially ladies out there. Let us start with this... These past few months the Lord has been pushing my limitations in this specific aspect in my life, and I tell you, it is not easy as you think. It requires a radical kind of faith, a strong heart, and ofcourse, sacrifice.

This season God is teaching me to love Him more so I can really know how to love others just like how He loved us first. Okay,lesson 1, we will never learn how to really love if we ourselves do not love the One who created love. How can you give to others what you don't have? Love God and love the Creator of love. 

Lesson 2, sacrifice. Choosing to break someone's heart just for you to allow God work on your life, surrendering someone or something so God can move freely to your life and everything, giving up something or someone you really love is the hardest part. If you came from a relationship that Christ is not the center of your relationship, then both of you will never be the solution because it is God's work. He will work on your lives individually and the hardest part, separately. In every sacrifice that we do, God is with us and He will be our strength and comforter.

God needs to break you so you will feel the moment when God is fixing you little by little. It will really be painful but are you not excited for the pain to end? It is like waiting for a caterpillar to be a beautiful and awesome butterfly. 

Hold on and ask God to steady your heart. You are strong and you are more than what you think because you are God's princess.

Start praying for him, pray that the Lord will always bring him in God's presence and that God will make him want God wants him to be. And as you pray for him, work on your relationship to God. That will be the best thing you can do while waiting for him.

To my future honey, I will wait for you. You will always be in my prayers. I will always pray that may the Lord will encounter you everyday of your life.

I have said much and I hope you learned something because I am still learning from what is God doing in my life now.

Remember, greater things are yet to come. 


Smile and love GOD.

Until next time! ❤️