Wednesday, October 3, 2012


SONday. My time to serve our dearest Lord. As much as possible, I really don't want to miss my Sundays because I know that this is the only day I can really focus on my ministry and to my spiritual friends because my Mondays to Saturdays are bombarded with school stuff (advertising, thesis and my duty on our organization). 

Last Sunday we had our very special guest, our Youth Pastor, Mr. Raymond "Amatz" Martinez. I really love this guy. He's been my dearest kuya and mentor. 

As you can see in this picture, (sorry of its screen shots. LAZY ME) he was impersonating Chef Boy Logro. He taught the kids how to make a Tuna Sandwich in connection of the story Feeding the 5,000.

Well, I cannot tell the whole story of what happened that day but the kids really enjoyed the activity!

I wore my most comfortable top because I dont want to feel uncomfortable everytime I move. This is the safest and the coolest.

Top by SM Department Store, Pants Oxygen, Stars Necklace from James

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