Friday, November 2, 2012

Windy Lane

Day 2 part 2 of our Baguio Trip.
Last October 25, 26, 27 and 28, we went to Baguio for a seminar with some student leaders from CEU Manila and Makati. This seminar was attended by representatives from different schools and universities and that made the event more interesting as we met different people. After our first plenary, we had our free time so we really spent it wisely. My friends with our dearest professor, went to different places in Baguio like Mines View Park, and then I and my 2 gorgeous friends, Dys and Camille went to Wright Park, The Mansion and walked along the streets of Baguio. We also had a chance to visit the "White House" but just the outside. HAHA.

View from our balcony, traffic jam and the amazing SM Baguio, why amazing? I just want to. :)

I would like you to meet my sweet travel bag, Mallos. :) This bag was with me in my entire stay in Baguio, very comfortable to use. Plus, this bag has a smell because it is a perfume bag.

Umbrella, Make Up kit, Handy dandy Notebook, wet wipes, tissue, alcohol, comb, sunnies, perfume, foldable bag (for my pasalubongs) phones, and hanky.

Hello sleepy eyes. HAHA. :)

Sweater Forever21 , Sandals Nine West , Bag Mallos .

Hope you enjoyed my little story about my Baguio trip! 

lovelovelove. <3

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