Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bluer than You

Hello Philippines! Hello Filipinos! Hello Singapore! It seems like Singapore is Philippines part 2! Filipinos are everywhere, you will just have to listen to them when they talk so you will know if they are Filipinos or not. Ofcourse, our kababayans there are so hospitable to the Filipino tourists! One time when we were at Crocs in Marina Bay, the saleslady there were Filipino, that is why she gave us 20% discount on our items, and if we buy 3 items, plus 10% discount. Great deal!

I have so many shots in this place but only few of them are worth  'uploadable' HAHAHA.
This is the new and highly improved of my own 'outfit pose'. When we arrived from Vietnam, I just changed my footwear to my all time favorite chucks and because I am not in Vietnam anymore, I took off my Vietnam top as seen here.

With my little boyfie while asking SO MANY things about what he sees.
And ofcourse, you will not experience Singapore totally if you will not have a photo opportunity with this cutie lion.teehee.

Dress by Forever 21 

Hope you enjoyed!


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