Thursday, July 12, 2012

it's not too late for a getaway, right?

Last June 23 my college friends and I went to Lian Batangas to celebrate my friend's birthday.

Arrived at Batangas around 6pm, and this view just said goodbye to us <3 (bye sunny! :) ). Amazed by how God is so great. Looking at His creation makes me feel so blessed because I know that I am part of His wonderful creation. :) Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Decided to wear this purple cute dress from Forever21. I failed to have picture of the back part of this dress. It has a cute detailed crop on the back. Very refreshing! :)

Check out my sandals! I'm in love with them!Bought this just for only P250.00 at Olympic Village at Robinson's Galleria.

This night was one of the best night of my life! Filled with laughters and everything! It's like we went back to our childhood and played Pinoy games like "Sili,Sili", "Touchball" and everything!

Day 2. Played Kickball while waiting for our breakfast. :)
nakakapagod lang! :)

kung kelan kami 4th year at busy ngayon kami nag gaganito :) HAHAHA. well, this is what you call TIME MANAGEMENT. <3

playing with camera :) 

I heart my RK friends. 4th year na kami, and we'll rock this year out! Watch out for us, we'll be a STAR. <3

photos by Jana Enriquez and Bench Delima <3

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