Thursday, July 12, 2012

sisters in Love

Nothing beats having a baby sister that acts like a younger sister to you. HAHA. She's my co-teacher in our church. We both love teaching kids, singing and serving God.

I just can't remember when and where we started.(parang magjowa lang) She calls me "ate" but we act like we were just in the same age. 

My prayer partner, assistant leader, and my closest and bestest friend. Funny how she can make me cry while I'm sharing stuff to her. She has this gift that really makes her special.

So talking about our look in these pictures, this one was from a Sunday service in our church when we talked of having "terno" outfit.

We're such angels! Fashionably serving our Lord. How sweet it is! People misunderstood that we're dressing inappropriately to our age but all I can say is, we just want to look BEST so whenever anyone sees us will see how an amazing creator Our God is! 

We both wore floral mullet skirt. Mine is from Landmark and hers is made by her lola, sweet! 

She's Aleckzandra btw. :)
also known as Quennie

wala siya masayadong pangalan e. :)

How do you love our look? :)

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